Tobias Hartmann

“As CEO of ToasterNET, together with my team, I proactively design the future of the internet in the fields of Mobile, Cloud, Server and Web. My vision is that through our products our customers get the best from the advantages the internet offers in the business field.”

Many years of professional experience as a Software Developer

Denis Nikitchenko
CEO ToasterNET Ukraine

“Nothing is impossible, especially when it comes to the software development.

With ToasterNET I’m glad to meet new challenges to get that incredible feeling “WE DID IT!!!” again and again.”

Experience as Director und Projekt Manager in the fields of Marketing and Sales Studies: TU Cottbus and Dnipropetrovsk National University, Mathematics and Physics

Yuriy Savenkov
CEO ToasterNET Ukraine

“A champion team will always beat a team of champions.
Together with ToasterNet team I choose to work in champion team and I’m proud that we are able to change this world with new brilliant IT solutions.”

Expert project manager with strength in identifying and solving problems. Experience as Finance manager and Chief Operating Officer.

Studies: National Mettalurgical Academy of Ukraine, Business and Finance.

Hannelore Dummler
Executive Assistant

“To me, software means something that makes my work easier, saves time and facilitates access to topics that are of interest to me.”

Experienced in Sales

Certified Foreign Language Correspondent

Anh Ngoc Duong
CEO ToasterNET Vietnam

“I will always remember the day of my first app release 6 years ago. I was very excited and then I got good feedback from my client and had a perfect day. For me creating excellent software solutions for customers is my most important goal.”

Many years of professional experience as senior software developer and team lead

Education Information Technology at Ho Chi Min city University of Natural Science/ Vietnam

Marketing & Sales

Ralph Müller
Business Development Manager

“Vision without action is merely dreaming, action with no vision is just passing time but with vision and action you can change the world.” (Nelson Mandela)

Experience in Sales and Tourism

Education as Industrial Clerk

Jürgen Plein
Business Development Manager

“In the field of software development, I am fascinated by the variety of tasks and dealing with international customers of ToasterNET.”

Experience: Senior Chief Engineer at Telezentrum GmbH & Co KG, many years of experience at various companies, various years as a Lecturer at the Adult Education Center in Nuernberg

Studies: Anglistics/History at the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen, Siemens Academy: training course programmer data communications and data technology, Lutz & Grub Certified Systems Engineer, CTD MS.Net

Klaus Reimer
Business Development Manager

“Mobile business applications – and work becomes location-independent and more efficient!”

Many years of experience as a Business Development Manager and Key Account Manager in the IT and telecommunications industry

Cyril Santos
Business Development Manager

“I have always been interested and curious about the latest and the best in technology, working for a mobile app development company that offers the best quality is such an honor.”

Professional experience: Pacific Internet Philippines as Corporate Accounts Manager and Sales Executive for GeoLogistics Philippines