Engineering services, consulting and IT solutions from one single source

We assist customers in planning and execution of new construction, renovation and expansion of complex systems such as
• Office facilities
• Industrial constructions
• Nuclear power plants
• Coal-fired power plants
• Gas and steam turbine power plants
• Industrial buildings
Our offer:Qualified site supervision
Competent project management on site is essential for complex construction. Due to the involvement of many parties, it is necessary to take into account different needs and find common solutions. Qualified project management ensures a smooth communication flow and ensures deadlines. Rigorous budget control and continuous quality assurance reduce the risk of esalating costs. ToasterNET supports clients with the expertise of decades of project experience in the field of construction and guarantees high-quality project management.

Contract management and expert opinion
ToasterNET supports and advises clients in building contracts (VOB / FIDIC). If there are any conflicts between parties, a coordinated de-escalation strategy is essential in order to avoid cost explosions and to bring the planned project to a successful end. The ToasterNET project management team supports with the expertise of decades of industry experience and provides expert reports as required for technical or construction management issues.

Quality management
Project related quality management based on DIN EN ISO 9000 ff. With decades of international experience in the management of large projects, ToasterNET provides the necessary skills to appropriately perform thorough quality management, according to the standards of the client.

IT Solutions
The software development team has extensive experience in sustainable IT solutions in the area of building technology. Our specialists create holistic approaches to the integration of the necessary solutions. The client’s long term needs are determined in order to minimize the risk of unnecessary and expensive subsequent conversions.

Construction accounting
ToasterNET provides short-term technical staff in order to competently support clients in the creation of invoices.