Cloud represents the future of the internet for us, and we will make it ideal for our business customers. As experts in the field of cloud computing, we are proud to offer our customers all the services available in this area. All in all, our experts have more than 100 years of collective experience in cloud – we use our expertise to optimize your business model.

Individuelle Cloud-Software-Entwicklung

Cloud computing is an Internet-based IT infrastructure allowing you to operate your IT solutions and web pages using a virtual data center on demand. This means you pay only for services you actually use. We advance the applications you use, such as, Amazon EC2 or, according to your needs. We would be happy to host and program for you an independent cloud solutions based in Germany or within the European Union. Our customers will thus benefit from the strict privacy requirements of the EU.


We offer you the complete range in the field of Cloud Consulting:

  • Analysis of your current setup
  • Definition of your cloud computing requirements
  • Drawing up the specification of works including the design and implementation stages
  • Building an economic model to demonstrate savings in hardware, resources, support, office space and utility bills
  • Evaluate uses of SaaS (Software as a Service) and NaaS (Network as a Service)
  • Highlighting security requirements and potential issues
  • Project management and project methodology
  • Future planning and expansion recommendations

Implementation of your personal cloud solution

No matter if you delegate your entire project to us or if we work together as a team – first-class planning, evaluation, implementation strategies and training packages are always part of it. Each project is unique. Therefore, we offer you exclusive advice to the specifics of your project needs. Our Cloud Consulting experts will support you in the following areas:

  • Building your server farm
  • Hosting your worldwide, multiple-instances website
  • Running your complex analysis applications or simulation programs
  • Administration of your memory-hungry data processing jobs
  • Designing your software development requirements
  • Implementation of your organisation’s own cloud computing setup