ToasterNET Friends Connector

This innovative software solution enables you to create your own social network along the lines of MySpace and Friendster. Your users have the opportunity to create their own personal presentation on your website and get linked up with other users. Generate income by selling banners or charge premium members for access. Users of this social network can exchange opinions through various features e.g. blogs, forums or messengers and create or manage their profile with widgets or organizers.



  • Free widgets package available only for a limited period of time
  • Email import from Yahoo, GMail, Lycos, MSN
  • Edit personal profile, upload photos etc.
  • Ignore list for unwanted contacts
  • Audio lists without limitation, also MP3 files
  • Create/manage groups
  • Write blogs of look for blogs
  • Plan or search for events, limit the number of participants, set admission fee etc.
  • Calender function
  • Chat function, instant messages and many more